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Preparations Before the Game


Be mentally prepared by thinking what you can do and your strong point to control the game. If you know your opponent's game and his/her strong points; find solutions to counter attack his/her strong points. During your warm-up; try out all your strokes: drive (flat shot), clear (check on the length & height of your base to base clear), drop & net ( feel the birdie), smash( get the timing and whip). Relax your grip most of the time so that you can move your racquet freely unless your hitting a shot. Pratice on your shadow around the court to smoothen your footwork.
Spot a mark/point on the roof of the gym above the base line and side line of the court so that during the game when the birdie passes that point, you know that it is going to drop outside the court.


Always be creative in the game, do not play a reactive game. Try out all of your strokes to all the corners for the first five points to find out your opponent's strong and weak points. Once you know your opponent's game, start to plan your game to your best advantages. Do not play into your opponent's game unless you are winning most of the points. Always play/concerntrate point by point and one stroke at a time. Do not think two or three points ahead. When you win a stroke at a time, you will a point which will end up the game. Always tell yourself not ot give simple points (unforced errors). Make your opponent work for every point.



NOTE: Please do your stretching exercise before you do the rotations

Wrist and ankle rotations:
Interlock fingers at chest height and rotate wrists. Stand with feet placed six inches apart. Rotate right ankle several times. Repeat with left ankle.

Calf stretches:
Place palms against a wall. Extend right leg back in a straight line with heel on the floor. Place left leg forward with knee bent. With arms fully extended apply pressure to palms and push against the wall. Repeat with leg extended back.

Place palms against a wall. Extend legs far back in a straight line with heels on the floor. With feet parallel, bend knee of the right leg, lifting the heelsand simultaneously press weight down on the left foot which is fully plantedthe floor. Shift w eight on alternating leg positions continuously for a countof 20.

Knee and Thigh rotations:
Start with feet placed shoulder width apart. Place hands on knees. Bend knees and push them outward to the side with the weight on the outside of each foot. Bring knees forward with weight on the toes. Bring knees together and straighten legs. Repeat 5 times. Reverse movement.

Hip rotations:
Start with knees a shoulder width apart. Move hips in circular motion, starting toward the right. Reverse direction.

Shoulder rotations:
Extend arms above head, hands reaching up, with upper arm close to the ears. Lower the extended arms with hands meeting at chest level. Continue downward arm movement with hands seperating to the side of the body. Rotate arms slightly back and upward in full extension and return to starting position. Repeat 3 to 5 times. Reverse movement and repeat 3 to 5 times.

Neck stretch and rotations:
Turn the head to the right as far as possible. Turn the head to the left as far as possible. Tilt head up as far as possible. Tilt head down with chin to the chest. Rotate your head from left to right and right to left, repeat 3 to 5 ti mes. Hold each position for the count of ten